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How Far Is Eastman Georgia

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What is Eastman GA famous for?

Eastman, Georgia
Country United States
State Georgia
County Dodge

Which city is close to Eastman Georgia?

Dublin, GA. Perry, GA. Warner Robins, GA.

Is Eastman GA a good place to live?

Eastman is a small city with crime and mediocre public schools. There are a variety of chain restaurants but not much else here. It’s not a bad place to live, but definitely not the best.

What is Eastman Georgia famous for?

Eastman is home to two higher education facilities – Middle Georgia State University (The Eastman Aviation branch), as well as a branch of Georgia Military College. In addition to being home to multiple manufacturing operations.

What is the candy capital of Georgia?

Eastman is the home of the original Stuckey Candy Plant and is historically known as the “Candy Capital of Georgia.” The Eastman House includes a museum of history for Dodge County [Dodge County is a county located in the central portion of the U.S. state of Georgia. As of 2020, the population was 19,925. The county seat is Eastman. Dodge County lies in the Historic South and Black Belt region of Georgia, an area that was devoted to cotton production in the antebellum years] and Eastman.

How far is Eastman from Dublin GA?

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 28.57 mi 45.98 km
Driving distance 30 mi 48.47 km

How far is Macon to Eastman?

The distance between Eastman and Macon is 52 miles. The road distance is 56 miles.

How far is eastman georgia, autocmp({id:”from”,sel:function(e){if(document.getElementById(“to”).value==”)document.getElementById(“to”).focus()}});autocmp({id:”to”,sel:function(e){howfar(document.getElementById(“distform”))}});  This depends on how many miles Eastman is from your current location, and takes into account average These are approximate driving times in a radius from Eastman, Georgia.

Search for vacation spots within driving distance for a day trip or weekend getaway. There are many towns within the total area, so if you’re looking for closer places, try a smaller radius. If you’re willing to drive farther, try 1½ hours.

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