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How Far Is It To Fort Smith Arkansas

How far is it to fort smith arkansas – The total driving distance from Little Rock, AR to Fort Smith, AR is 159 miles or 256 kilometers. you might also want to calculate the total driving time from Little Rock, AR to Fort Smith, AR You can also calculate the cost of driving from Little Rock, AR to Fort Smith, AR based on current

If you’re meeting a friend, you might be interested in finding the city that is halfway between Little Rock, AR and Fort Smith, AR. The straight line flight distance is 8 miles less than driving on roads, which means the driving distance is roughly 1.2x of the flight distance.

Why is Fort Smith famous?

Fort Smith was established as a western frontier military post in 1817, when it was also a center of fur trading. The city developed there. It became well known as a base for migrants’ settling of the “Wild West” and for its law enforcement heritage.

Is Fort Smith Arkansas a good place to live?

Fort Smith is in Sebastian County and is one of the best places to live in Arkansas. Living in Fort Smith offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Fort Smith there are a lot of coffee shops and parks.

Is Fort Smith a small town?

Fort Smith is the third-largest city in Arkansas and one of the two county seats of Sebastian County. As of the 2020 census, the population was 89,142.

Is Fort Smith a good city?

Yes, the quality of life in Fort Smith is quite good. With a low cost of living, high ratings in education, and low housing prices, Fort Smith is one of the best places to live in the state.

Why is Fort Smith important?

Fort Smith was an important center for outfitting forty-niners during the gold rush in late 1848 and early 1849, as well as soldiers in the Mexican War from 1846 to 1848.

What was Fort Smith used for?

The principal purpose of the fort was to keep the peace between the Osage and Cherokee tribes that had entered the area, as was the Fort Smith Council, a meeting held between Indian and territorial leaders in 1822.

How far is it to fort smith arkansas, Your plane flies much faster than a car, so the flight time is about 1/2th of the time it would take to drive. This is a relatively short flight in a private plane, but you might be planning to book a commercial flight. In that case, your travel time would really need to

airport, and get to your destination. Scroll down to see a more realistic calculation that takes

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