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How Far Is Portland From Bend

How far is portland from bend – Portland is located in United States with (45.5235,-122.6762) coordinates and Bend is located in United States with (44.0582,-121.3153) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Portland to Bend is equal to 121 miles which is equal to 195 km. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Portland and Bend is 261.06 km.

If you ride your car with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 02 hours 19 minutes. Please check the avg. speed travel time table on the right for various options. Difference between fly and go by a car is 66 km.

Is Bend or Portland better?

While smaller than Portland, Bend is not too small, so you do get plenty of options. Portland does have more options, but Bend has a similar level of variety. Portland is larger, so it has more breweries, but Bend has the most per capita in the state and the biggest Beer Trail in the west.

What airport do you fly into for Bend Oregon?

Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) is the nearest full-service airport to Bend and Mt. Bachelor, it’s the fourth largest commercial airport in the state and serves all of Central Oregon.

Is Bend close to Portland?

The total driving distance from Bend, OR to Portland, OR is 164 miles or 264 kilometers.

Why is Bend Oregon famous?

With miles of hiking and biking trails through town and Mt. Bachelor and Smith Rock nearby, Bend is famous for world-class recreation. Combine that with a richly diverse cultural landscape, award-winning dining and boutique shopping, and you might not want to leave Bend.

Is Bend better than Portland?

The weather is better Bend is different on that front. As it lies in the state’s high desert, the Central Oregon city enjoys 53.6% less rainy days and 12.5% more sunny days than Portland, which is ideal for those seeking outdoor activities.

Is Portland or Bend more expensive?

Bend costs less than living in a major city like Portland, San Francisco, New York, or Washington, DC; but for a small city, it’s pricey. In fact, according to SourceWeekly, Bend’s cost of living rose 22.5% from 2010 to 2020.

Is Bend colder than Portland?

Portland is in the Willamette Valley and has a mild, temperate climate, cool and wet in the winters and warm and dry in the summers. Bend is among the mountains in the high desert, where it gets very cold and snowy in the winters, and hot in the summers.

Is Bend Oregon worth seeing?

Bend is a darling little mountain town nestled at the base of the Cascades, along the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. And with its many rivers, mountains, hiking trails, lakes, and clear, crisp, high desert climate, it is the ideal home for adventure-lovers.

How far is portland from bend, Rome2rio uses cookies to help personalize content and show you personalised ads. By proceeding, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy The straight line flight distance is 43 miles less than driving on roads, which means the driving distance is roughly 1.4x of the flight distance.

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