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How Long Is A Flight To New Zealand

How long is a flight to new zealand – From the USA, flying to New Zealand is fairly easy. The flight time from the airports of Los Angeles and San Francisco to Auckland (our main international airport) is just over 13 hours. Flights are direct and non-stop so there is a minimum of fuss and bother. And it will only get easier as airlines are gearing up to offer direct flights from more US airports. 

How long does it take to fly from the UK to New Zealand?

How long is the flight to New Zealand? The average flight time to New Zealand (from London to Auckland) is approximately 23 hours and 30 minutes.

How far is New Zealand from Germany by plane?

↔️ Kilometers: 18363.21 km. / Miles: 11410.37 miles. / Nautical Miles: 9908.77 NM. ✈️ Estimated flight time: 20.12 hours. (With average airplane speed of 567mph).

How long is New Zealand to Australia?

↔️ Kilometers: 4157.41 km. / Miles: 2583.3 miles. / Nautical Miles: 2243.34 NM. ✈️ Estimated flight time: 4.56 hours.

Can you fly directly to New Zealand?

Most major airlines offer direct flights to New Zealand. It’s easy to get here on a non-stop flight from America, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Or you can get a connecting flight from these countries to New Zealand from anywhere in the world.

Can you fly direct from UK to New Zealand?

No airlines currently offer direct flights between United Kingdom and New Zealand. Most routes have one or more stops.

How long is a flight to new zealand, From next month (7th July) Air New Zealand is recommencing direct flights from Houston (14.5 hours). Direct flights from Dallas with American Airlines will start In October. Flights are also about to get a lot quicker for travellers from New York and the East Coast when Air New Zealand starts operating a direct flight (17.5 hours) three times a week from 17 September 2022.

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