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How Long Is Ferry To Provincetown

6.  Provincetown Theater (238 Bradford Street) – Founded in 1963, this is a year-round, highly-regarded theater known for its many performances and theater festivals. Walk along Commercial Street and you’ll see many tantalizing options.   Needless to say, seafood is a specialty, and most places are casual.  Specific suggestions where you’ll find great food and drink plus a nice ambiance: 

If a day in Provincetown isn’t long enough, treat yourself to a longer visit.   From cozy guest houses and inns to larger hotels, you’ll find a lot of choices right in the center of the village and within a 5-minute or less walk to the beach. How long is ferry to provincetown.

Can you take a car on the Provincetown ferry?

The fast ferries from Provincetown to Boston are passenger only vessels, however there are car ferries from Hyannis and Woods Hole to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

How long is the ferry ride from Provincetown to Martha’s Vineyard?

The quickest way to get from Provincetown Harbor (Water) to Martha’s Vineyard Island is to drive and car ferry which costs $22 – $150 and takes 2h 35m.

How long is the ferry ride from Boston to Provincetown?

Daily, scheduled ninety-minute ferry service is provided between Provincetown’s MacMillan Wharf and Boston’s World Trade Center by Bay State Cruises and Boston’s Long Wharf by Boston Harbor Cruises.

How far is Boston from Provincetown by boat?

But by ferry, the Boston-Provincetown distance is only about 50-60 nautical miles. The fast Provincetown ferry service gets you there in 90 minutes – perfect for a day trip from Boston as you cruise through the Harbor to the Outer Cape.

Do you need a car in Provincetown?

Walk. Because Provincetown is relatively small, you should have no problem walking to most places. In fact, many people recommend bailing on a car altogether and literally just walk and taxi where they need to go.

How long is ferry to provincetown, But there’s a catch.   During summer months and holidays, you MUST book early as competition gets fierce.   Especially on holidays, literally every room gets reserved a week or more in advance. These fun tours and cruises offer you lots of different options for experiencing Cape Cod:

Use this handy map from Booking. com to find the perfect place to stay.   Just enter your dates to find what’s available, see the best rates, and make your reservations.

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