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How Long Is Queen Esther At Sight And Sound

How long is queen esther at sight and sound – The show is sure to delight with all of the things that make a Sight and Sound performance so special, from its special effects to live animals. Head to Branson to witness this marvelous production and learn about the life and struggles of Queen Esther in 2023. 

Queen Esther comes from the Old Testament and is a tale of transformation, faith, and wonderment that all ages will be able to enjoy and relate to. You will be transported to a setting of the Persian Empire where Esther’s ordinary life is upturned once she is taken to the palace to live her new life of royalty.

It’s not without risk though – the Persian Empire is beautiful yet dangerous. Watch as Esther, with her new crown upon her head, faces trials she never would have imagined for herself, and trusts in God to bring her to her destiny and see her through the struggles. 

How long is Esther showing at sight and sound?

Date Day Available Times
Mar 21 Tuesday 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM

How big is the stage at sight and sound?

The 300-foot-wide stage wraps around three sides of the audience and has 40-foot-high sets. A cast of 45 actors, elaborate costumes, breathtaking special effects, and hundreds of live and animatronic animals entertain audience members as they experience Bible stories brought to life.

How long is the David production at sight and sound?

There was a 20-minute intermission in the 3-hour production; just enough time to get a drink and hit the bathroom.

How long is the miracle of Christmas show at sight and sound?

This Branson [Branson is a city in the U.S. state of Missouri. Most of the city is situated in Taney County, with a small portion in the west extending into Stone County. Branson is in the Ozark Mountains. The community was named after Reuben Branson, postmaster and operator of a general store in the area in the 1880s] Christmas show is approximately 2.5 hours with a 15-minute intermission. Please arrive 45 minutes prior to show time.

How long are shows at Sight and Sound Lancaster?

How long are your shows? Each show is approximately 2 ½ hours long and includes a 15-minute intermission.

What is the capacity of Sight and Sound Theater?

The state-of-the-art, 2,000-seat auditorium hosts productions of biblical accounts throughout the year, featuring massive sets, hundreds of live animals, intricate costumes and world-class musical scores.

What religion is sight and sound theater?

​Sight & Sound Theatres, named after a line from Jesus’s parable of the Sower in the Book of Matthew (Matthew 13:13), is a Christian ministry dedicated to bringing the Bible to life by visualizing and dramatizing scripture.

How long is the show Queen Esther at sight and sound?

About 2 1/2 hours with intermission.

How long is queen esther at sight and sound, When Esther is chosen to be a candidate as the Queen of Persian Empire, she must leave behind her ordinary life and adapt to the dangers of palace life, which comes wrought with betrayal, risk, and decadence. Safeguarding her secret from the ‘Snake in the Garden’, Haman, and the others in the palace, Esther must learn to trust in God’s great plan and realize that He has orchestrated every moment in her life and given it purpose within His own determinations. 

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