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How Many Acres Is Lake Mcconaughy

Nearly everything about Lake McConaughy is big! Its 35,700 surface acres make it Nebraska’s largest reservoir with over 100 miles of shore line. At full storage, McConaughy is 20 miles long, four miles wide and 142 feet deep at the dam. The dam is among the largest of its type in the world, and the fish grow to trophy proportions, accounting for several state records.

Even its nickname, “Big Mac” reflects its giant stature. Located 8 miles northeast of Ogallala , NE , Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area is managed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. How many acres is lake mcconaughy.

Why is there no alcohol in Lake McConaughy?

(AP) — The state game and parks commission has banned both alcohol possession and consumption at Lake McConaughy and neighboring Lake Ogallala in western Nebraska. The commission voted Friday at its meeting in Hastings for the proposal, which affects only state-controlled areas.

Is Lake McConaughy the biggest lake?

Lake McConaughy is Nebraska’s biggest lake and the largest reservoir in a three state region. At full storage, Lake Mac is twenty miles long, four miles wide, and 142 feet deep at the dam.

How many acres is Lake Ogallala?

Compared to Lake McConaughy, Lake Ogallala is small, gentle and sedate at 320 acres. It lacks the sandy beaches of its neighbor to the west, but its protected shoreline wards off winds.

How long and wide is Lake McConaughy?

The lake, formed by Kingsley Dam, is a man-made body of water that is 22 miles (35 km) long, 4 miles (6.4 km) wide at its largest point, and 142 feet (43 m) deep near the dam (at full capacity) – it was constructed between 1936 and 1941 and is fed by the North Platte River.

How many acres is Lake McConaughy ne?

Nearly everything about Lake McConaughy is big. At 30,000 surface acres it is Nebraska’s largest reservoir, its dam is among the largest of its type in the world and its fish grow to trophy proportions, accounting for several state records.

What is the largest lake in Nebraska?

Boating. As Nebraska’s largest reservoir, Lake McConaughy is a prime destination for water sports recreation. Whether you enjoy water skiing and tubing, sail boating, parasailing or fishing, the Lake’s 30,000 surface acres provide plenty of space for these and other activities.

Why is Lake McConaughy a dry lake?

“Lake McConaughy water has a lot of dissolved mineral in it and the white you see is a calcium build up on the rocks,” explained Nielsen. “That tells us that the water table has dropped a lot in the past year. And it dropped all last summer.”

Is Lake McConaughy a dry lake?

Western Nebraska’s Lake McConaughy is so dried out that it’s revealing remnants of old Lemoyne, the small town the government flooded starting in the late 1930s to establish the 30,000-acre reservoir. For example, Beverly Harris’ grandparents’ old root cellar has surfaced.

How many acres is lake mcconaughy, Fishing has long been the primary drawing card at Big Mac, with its cool, clear, deep waters. Game fish vary from sporty rainbow trout to the everyday catfish. Prized most highly by the local angler is the walleye, and Nebraska’s current state record of 16 lbs. 2 oz. came from Big Mac.

Also top ranked is the white bass fishing. In recent years, a close relative of the white bass has been stocked, and the striped bass offers a tackle-busting contest an angler will not soon forget. Although smaller in size, the smallmouth bass provides some dynamite action.

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