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How Much Are Tickets At The Kentucky Derby

How much are tickets at the kentucky derby – The Kentucky Derby is not an overly expensive event to attend, though it certainly can get expensive depending on where the seat is located. According to TicketSmarter, the pricing for tickets at the Kentucky Derby can start in the $80 to $110 range, with standing infield general admission tickets being the cheapest options.

Those tickets can be had for less than $100. However, ticket prices can quickly become expensive. The average price for a ticket is $1,148, per TicketSmarter, and seats on Millionaires Row can reach upwards of $6,000.

How much are tickets to Kentucky Derby 2022?

A general admission pass to the 2022 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs [Churchill Downs is a horse racing complex located on Central Avenue in south Louisville, Kentucky, United States, famed for hosting the annual Kentucky Derby. It officially opened in 1875 and was named for Samuel Churchill, whose family was prominent in Kentucky for many years] in Louisville, Ky., costs between $65 and $85, depending on when you buy tickets. This year’s tickets went on sale on Nov. 19, 2021.

How much is a box seat at the Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby Suite Prices At Churchill Downs, Turf/Infield Suites will typically range from $3,500 – $5,000 per ticket. Turf Club tickets will range from $4,000 – $6,500 per ticket. Millionaires Row tickets will be about the same as Turf Club in the $4,000 – $6,000 range per ticket.

How much are tickets for the 2023 Kentucky Derby?

Attend the 2023 Kentucky Derby with an Official Ticket Package from Derby Experiences inclusive of hospitality spaces such as the First Turn and Homestretch Club, VIP Fast Access Pass, hotel accommodations, parties, tours and more! Choose from a variety of exclusive Ticket Packages starting at $1,599!

What is the most expensive ticket at the Kentucky Derby?

Website Price
TicketSmarter $6,300
Seatgeek $9,993
Vivid Seats $6,350
Stubhub $6,000

How expensive are tickets to the Kentucky Derby?

Purchase Date Price
Jan. 1 – Feb. 28 at 11:59 pm one $52
March 1 – April 17 at 11:59PM ET $57
April 18 – Day Before Event at 11:59PM ET $62
Day of Event (May. 5) $67

What is the cheapest ticket to the Kentucky Derby?

Website Price
Stubhub $6,000

Can anyone get tickets to the Kentucky Derby?

Individual, one-time tickets can be purchased through the Kentucky Derby annual online sale. Multi-year tickets can be reserved through a Personal Seat License or as a Season Box or Turf Club member. Large groups can also secure tickets for corporate hospitality or as Kentucky Derby business partners.

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