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How Much Is A Viking River Cruise

How much is a viking river cruise – Originally a cruise line that focused solely on river cruises, Viking Cruises has now also conquered the ocean cruising market. In fact, it dominates both categories, overshadowing many of its competitors because of its sheer quality. We don’t want to raise to trumpet of praise to much here, but it’s hard to ignore how well Viking does what it does.

Now, we also know that you might be interested in going on a Viking Cruise, but you might be wondering how much a Viking Cruise costs.

Is Viking cruise expensive?

1. The True Meaning Of “All-Inclusive” If you’ve cruised before, you know that Viking cruises are…well, expensive. You can expect to pay several thousand dollars for your trip (although rates vary greatly by route and month), which seems costly compared to the $500-600 rates you’d find from other cruise companies.

Do Viking River Cruises include meals?

Appetizers, main meal and desserts are offered, along with a cheese course. Wine pairings are included, and plentiful, throughout meal service. Wine, beer and soft drinks are included with lunch and dinner – so no nickel and dining there!!

What is the average age of a Viking river cruise?

Average age ( on all of the Viking cruises which we have done – 5) is from mid 50s to late 70s. Sprightly !

Can I wear jeans to dinner on a Viking River cruise?

Basically, it means you should dress casually and comfortably, but not sloppily. Men can wear any type of well-fitting slacks, jeans or even shorts in warm weather. Personally, I recommend staying away from graphic tee shirts or shirts with sports team logos.

Are drinks free on Viking River Cruises?

Yes. We offer complimentary house wines, beers and soft drinks with onboard lunches and dinners, plus specialty coffees and assorted hot teas that are available 24 hours a day at our coffee stations.

Are meals free on Viking cruises?

Dining onboard Viking Sea is a true treat. All meals are complimentary, including specialty restaurants. (In fact, the only “fee” dining experience is The Kitchen Table, which is a hybrid: part dinner, part shore excursion.)

What is the average cost of a Viking river cruise?

On average a river cruise by Viking may cost you somewhere around $2000 to $8000 per person. These prices are for a European tour that takes you on a cruise for almost 8 to 21 days.

Is Viking considered a luxury cruise?

In 2022 Viking [Viking (formerly Viking Cruises) is a cruise line providing river, ocean, and expedition cruises. Its operating headquarters are in Basel, Switzerland, and its marketing headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. The company has three divisions, Viking River Cruises, Viking Ocean Cruises, and Viking Expeditions] was named Best Luxury Cruise Line by U.S. News & World Report. Viking is honored to top this esteemed list and be recognized for its fleet of small ships, destination-focused itineraries and emphasis on cultural enrichment.

How much is a viking river cruise, In this blog post, you’ll find an overview of Viking’s two concepts—Ocean Cruises, and River Cruises—and their respective price points and features. Voted the best ocean cruise line in both 2016 and 2017 by readers of Travel + Leisure, Viking Ocean Cruises hits home with its unique concept.

Instead of offering regular, rather superficial cruises like some other cruise lines do, it focuses on authentic cultural experiences. This includes everything from personalized service to thoughtfully organized shore excursions and locally sourced food.

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