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How Tall Is Royal Gorge Bridge

How tall is royal gorge bridge – “‘Awe’ doesn’t begin to describe what you’ll feel when walking or driving across the Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest suspension bridge in the world and an unforgettable quarter-mile journey through the clouds,” reads the official Royal Gorge Web site. Unfortunately, Cañon City’s famed suspension bridge hasn’t been the highest in the world since 2003, according to calculations by an Arizona man armed with a laser range-finder and a lot of time.

What is the world’s highest suspension bridge?

The current highest suspension bridge is China’s Sidu River Bridge opened in 2009 with a deck height of 1,627 ft (496 m).

How long is Royal Gorge Bridge?

The Royal Gorge Bridge spans 1,260 feet from rim to rim of the Royal Gorge, suspending 956 above the Arkansas River.

How deep is Royal Gorge?

At its narrowest point, the Gorge is approximately 1,250 feet wide and 1,050 feet deep; its walls consist of granite and gneiss of pre-Cambrian age.

What is the elevation at the top of the Royal Gorge?

The Royal Gorge Bridge held the world record for the highest bridge until 2001. It still remains as America’s Highest Suspension Bridge at 956 feet above the gorge’s floor. Visitors come across the bridge when they enter the park. The bridge reaches 1,260 feet across the Royal Gorge, featuring 1,257 wooden planks.

What are the top 5 suspension bridges in the world?

  1. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge – 1,991m
  2. Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge – 1,700m
  3. Nansha Bridge East – 1,688m
  4. Xihoumen Bridge – 1,650m
  5. Great Belt Bridge East (Storebaelt) – 1,624m
  6. Osman Gazi Bridge – 1,550m
  7. Yi Sun-Sin Bridge-1,545M
  8. Runyang Yangtze River Bridge South – 1,490m

What’s the highest bridge in the world?

Millau Viaduct, France Surpassing even the mighty Eiffel Tower in height, France’s Millau Viaduct holds the current title of the tallest bridge in the world. Rising up to 343 metres, the bridge opened in 2004 and straddles the Tarn Valley between Clermont-Ferrand and Béziers and Narbonne.

What are the 3 tallest bridges in the world?

Rank Name Structural height
1 Millau Viaduct 336.4 metres (1,104 ft)
2 1915 Çanakkale Bridge 334 metres (1,096 ft)
3 Pingtang Bridge 332 metres (1,089 ft)
4 Hutong Yangtze River Bridge 325 metres (1,066 ft)

How tall is royal gorge bridge, Moreover, the bridge, built in 1929 to span the Arkansas River as a tourist destination, apparently isn’t 1,053 feet above water either, as has long been advertised. It’s 955 feet, Eric Sakowski tells the Colorado Springs Gazette. Suspension bridges in China today rise higher from the ground, including the current world champ at 1,550 feet over China’s Siduhe River (via Sakowski’s site, HighestBridges).

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