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How To Do A Valdez

How to do a valdez – A one-handed back handspring is called a Valdez, and it’s the next fun trick to learn after you’ve perfected your regular back handspring. This is a cool inversion skill that can provide a neat transition to your tumbling routine. The audience loves seeing the Valdez, which is an awesome way to add some variety to the classic skills.

Yes, the Valdez is a more advanced move, but with the right training, you’ll be mastering it in no time. Read on to learn how to perform the Valdez!  

Which arm is in a Valdez?

Place your left arm behind you, with your palm flat on the ground.

What is a cheer Valdez?

This skill is essentially doing a Back-Walkover from a. seated position. This advanced technique requires. high levels of strength and flexibility.

What is a Valdez in tumbling?

A valdez is a back walkover that begins in a sitting position. A backwards kickover or bridge kickover is a back walkover with a pause in the bridge position.

How to do a valdez, Once you’ve learned the back handspring, you can begin working on the one-handed variation, which we call Valdez. You’ll need greater arm strength, though. While your weight is distributed evenly in the back handspring, a single-arm is taking the full force of your momentum. 

You’ll begin by engaging the same muscles as a back handspring: your quads contract as you squat, then you activate your latissimus dorsi and delts to flex your arms upward as you jump. Squeeze the glutes to extend your body as you press your hands toward the sky and rotate your scapulae upward.

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