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How To Get From San Jose To La Fortuna

How to get from san jose to la fortuna – Hundreds of thousands of tourists travel annually from San Jose to La Fortuna. And you might be planning on going this route, but you’re probably not sure whether or not you should rent a car, hire a private transportation service, or use the Costa Rican public transportation system to make it, right?

Don’t worry. I got you. Many people have come to me with this question, and I’ve helped them find the best ways to get from San Jose to La Fortuna in the most appropriate way. People have different backgrounds and needs. Thus, what may work for some might not work for others.

Can you fly from San Jose Costa Rica to La Fortuna?

Whether you’re looking for a grand adventure or just want to get away for a last-minute break, flights from San José to La Fortuna offer the perfect respite.

How much is the bus from La Fortuna to San Jose?

The earliest bus departure from La Fortuna is at 07:00 arriving to San José at 11:40 the same day. While the latest bus departure is at 14:00 and arrives at 18:40 the same day. The prices for the cheapest one way adult tickets range from 37 € to 43 €.

How to get to La Fortuna from San Jose Costa Rica?

In the mornings can take the direct bus to La Fortuna at 6:15 am , 8:40 and 11:30 am or each hour take the bus from San Jose to Ciudad Quesada and then in Ciudad Quesada in the same bus station take the bus to La Fortuna, when arrive Fortuna just walk 200 mts north and 100 mts west.

Where should I stop between San Jose and La Fortuna?

The top stops along the way from San Jose to La Fortuna de San Carlos (with short detours) are Manuel Antonio Beach, La Fortuna Waterfall, and National Theater of Costa Rica. Other popular stops include Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve, Poás Volcano, and Baldi Hot Springs Resort Hotel & Spa.

How to get from san jose to la fortuna, Therefore, this article will discuss the main ways to get from San Jose to La Fortuna, from using public buses to hiring a private transportation service. Let’s dive in and find out which option is best for you. Disclaimer: I’m not too fond of ads on educational pages like this one because it ruins the reader experience.

Therefore, I keep my website ad-free. However, I still need a way to make a living. Thus, this article contains affiliate links to book transportation, from which I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. After reading this post, if you decide to book a tour, please consider using the links on this post so that I can continue sharing unbiased, helpful information with your support. 

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