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How To Get To Morocco From Spain

How to get to morocco from spain – At just 44 km / 27 miles, the Strait of Gibraltar crossing is the shortest crossing between continental Europe and Africa.  Several fast trimaran ships sail on this route, making the crossing a swift one. In just 1 to 2 hours you are on the other side. That depends on which crossing you ultimately choose.

Getting from Spain to Morocco is quite easy. Especially as there are many flights into Morocco, including a relatively new direct flight from Malaga to Tangier.  However, taking the ferry from Spain to Morocco might be a better, faster and more enjoyable option.

Can you take a train from Spain to Morocco?

To travel by train and ferry from Spain to Morocco, first travel by train to Algeciras. There you change to the ferry to Tangier Med. The journey time is about 90 minutes. Ferry tickets start from 30 EUR.

How easy is it to get to Morocco from Spain?

Yes, you can go on a day trip from Spain to Morocco. In fact you can travel by ferry to Morocco in less than 1 hour. There are frequent daily crossings from southern Spain’s Tarifa to Tangier Ville and from Algeciras to Tanger Med.

Can you take a day trip to Morocco from Spain?

The Ferry Crossing – to Morocco from Spain But for a day trip, I recommend taking the fast FRS Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier Ville. The journey time is only one hour which frees up your time to explore more. We took the 11am ferry out and the 8pm ferry back, but there are several crossings daily.

What city in Morocco is closest to Spain?

Ceuta, Spanish exclave, military post, and free port on the coast of Morocco, at the Mediterranean entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. Ceuta is an autonomous city administered by Spain.

What is the best way to get to Morocco from Spain?

Catching a ferry from Tarifa to Tangier is one of the fastest ways to reach Morocco from Spain. Ferries connect the port of Tarifa in Spain with the port of Tangier Ville in the city center. The crossing is usually 1 hour long and tickets for this route cost around €40.

What is the cheapest way to get from Spain to Morocco?

Spain to Morocco Ferries There are currently two regular routes run by two companies, Inter Shipping and FRS, that cross the strait. They operate out of the two ports of Algeciras and Tarifa in Spain with both arriving at different ports in Tangier. A Spain to Morocco ferry is the easiest and cheapest option.

How long is the boat ride from Spain to Morocco?

Barcelona – Tangier ferries are usually available 4 times a week in 2022. This ferry route from Barcelona to Morocco is served by ferry company GNV and tickets start at around €90. It takes 28-36 hours to reach the Moroccan port town of Tanger Med from Barcelona.

How to get to morocco from spain, As of April 2022, ferries between Spain and Morocco have resumed their operations for passengers and vehicles. Please check the health protocols for travel by sea between Spain and Morocco before travel. Note: Services between Málaga and Melilla and Gibraltar and Tangier have not yet resumed but are expected to resume in 2022.

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