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How To Get To Spitting Caves

Nestled in the beautiful neighborhood of Portlock on the southeast coast of Oahu, Hawaii is a huge cliff jump. Known as Spitting Cave, the location is one of the coolest spots to chill at even if you don’t like cliff-jumping. I went there over ten times and never jumped.

Spitting Cave is also a very popular sunset spot and a grab place to end the day. In this blog post, I will share a few quick pointers about what to expect, how to get there, safely cliff jumping, ideal conditions, whale watching, and sunset conditions. How to get to spitting caves.

How do you get into the mermaid caves?

Mermaid Cave is located at Nanakuli [Nānākuli (Hawaiian pronunciation: [naːnaːˈkuli]) is a census-designated place (CDP) on the west coast of the island of Oʻahu, City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. In Hawaiian, nānā kuli means literally “look at knee”. The population was 11,461 at the 2020 census] Beach Park / Nanakuli Community Park / Kalaniana’ole Beach Park. To get there, you’ll cross jagged lava rock that could cut up your feet, descend through an open hole (or puka) below into a breathtaking underwater cave.

How high is Spitting Caves jump?

Located just outside the southern tip of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, the Spitting Caves is a 60-foot jump for experienced jumpers.

Can you swim in Mermaid Cave?

You can even swim in the cave. This is one of the coolest things we saw while we were on the island, I’m so glad we found this.

How do I get to the Spitting Caves?

Located on Lumahai street. Look for the 119A access sign marker. Walk down the steep hill to get to the Spitting Caves.

Why is it called Spitting Cave?

Spitting Cave is named such because water thrashes and shoots up through the cave, sometimes as much as up to 20 feet. Unfortunately, there is no stunning Hawaii beach to relax on or gentle ocean pool to swim in, but the site is quite worthwhile and I’ve seen sunbathers laying out when I went.

How do you get from Oahu to Hawaii?

Flying is the most common and fastest way to travel from Oahu to the outer islands. Most flights into Hawaii land at Oahu’s Honolulu Airport. Accordingly, most flights from Oahu to the outer islands and other destinations leave from Honolulu Airport as well.

How to get to spitting caves, The cliffs are similar to China Walls, which is just around the corner. However, everything at Spitting Cave is on a large grander scale. A small inlet feeds into a cave in the cliffs below and as the pressure builds inside the cave with each ebb and flows the water bursts out with huge force.

On days with rough conditions in the ocean, the blasts from the cave are phenomenal. If you like this spot, you should check my guide to cliff jumping on Oahu.

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