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How To Say Good Morning In Laos

The person who is socially inferior or younger should be the first to nop, but it is considered polite for the older/socially superior person to respond quickly. The higher the hands are held and the lower the bow, the greater the degree of respect.

When addressing a social equal, the hands are usually held at the level of the mouth; when addressing a person of higher social standing (this includes monks, regardless of age), the hands are usually held in front of the nose; and when addressing a younger/socially inferior person, they are usually held at the chin. How to say good morning in laos.

How do you say good morning in Laos?

Want to ask “How are you?” Say: “Jao saibaidee baw?” The answer: “Saibaidee.” Want to say good morning? “Saibaidee ton sao.” Good evening is “Saibaidee nyam leng.” You get the picture.

How do you greet someone in Laos?

  1. The standard greeting in Laos is ‘Sabaideebor’, which means ‘How are you?’
  2. If someone greets another by saying ‘Sabaideebor’, the receiver will usually reply with ‘Sabaidee’ (‘It goes well’)
  3. Informally, Lao may greet each other with ‘Kin khow leo bor?

How do you show respect in Laos?

In Laos, greetings are usually accompanied by the gesture known as a ‘nop’, which is the placing of two hands together in a prayer position at chest level. A nop indicates the level of respect for another person and is an acknowledgement of seniority. A nop may also be used as an expression of thanks or regard.

How to say good morning in laos, The general greeting in Laos is “sabai di” (“Hello”), invariably said with a smile. The list below would provide you with useful phrases while traveling to Laos. Hello in Lao language is ສະບາຍດີ (sába̖ai-di̖i). It’s interesting to learn different Lao greetings. Hello is the Lao greeting which is suitable in any formal or informal situation.

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