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How To Stop Walking Mausoleum

How to stop walking mausoleum – The Walking Mausoleum is one of the biggest creatures within Elden Ring and players will need to take it down in order to use the systems inside. However, fighting them isn’t exactly the same as fighting a normal enemy or boss in the open world. Players should focus on taking the Walking Mausoleum to ground level rather than killing it altogether.

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to pull that off when the creature is made of stone and is the size of a mountain.

What to do with Walking Mausoleum?

Inside the Walking Mausoleums, you are able to reuse boss remembrances of one of the demi-gods in Elden Ring to get the other reward that was on offer from them. However, each Walking Mausoleum can only be used once, so you will need to find all the Walking Mausoleum locations to get as many of the rewards as you can.

How to knock down the Walking Mausoleum in deeproot depths?

Deeproot Depths, Bell: North of the The Nameless Eternal City Grace. Can be jumped upon by climbing on the roots in the area (be careful of the many Basilisks), then you must destroy skulls on the top of the Mausoleum instead of the feet.

How do I stop walking in mausoleum?

To stop and enter the Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring, you need to hit the grey material that is growing on their body. This material appears around them, either on their feet or their many bodies.

How do you bring down a wandering mausoleum?

When you do get on top of the Walking Mausoleum, you just need to smash a few of the white skulls to get it to lie down on the ground. At this point, you can head inside and duplicate any of the Remembrances you want.

How do you get past the magic mausoleum Elden Ring?

Once the Walking Mausoleum falls, players should do a double jump with Torrent and climb on top of it. They’ll then have to walk around the building until a door becomes visible.

How to stop walking mausoleum, Even a single step can do some serious damage to a player, but Torrent the mount will give players a much-needed advantage. The southwestern part of Limgrave will likely be the first area where players will find a Walking Mausoleum. They typically appear in open areas where a massive rock creature can easily get through.

Players will know they are close to one with the sound of a bell that swings as the rocky monster walks across the world. At first glance, it may seem like it’s best to jump on to the land mass, but knocking it down is the real strategy.

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