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How To Visit All 50 States

If there’s one thing that COVID taught me, it’s that there’s a lot to see closer to home.  I’ve always done more travel in the US than internationally, but I tend to be drawn back to the same places and there’s just soooo much to see in this country.

Visiting all 50 states has always been a loose goal of mine, but when I started to plan out my travel schedule this year, I decided to really prioritize travel within the continental US and start picking away at travel to new states.  How to visit all 50 states.

How long would it take to visit all 50 states?

If one can maintain an average speed of 55 mph, have the needed stops, and rotate fresh drivers, it is theoretically possible to visit all the contiguous states of the United States in just under 124 hours.

What percentage of people have visited all 50 states?

From among the 50 states and Washington D.C., Americans on average have been to 17. While one in 10 Americans (11%) say they’ve never left the state they live in, fewer than 2% say they’ve visited at least 50 of the 51 states and D.C.

How much does it cost to travel the whole US?

How much does it cost to travel in the US? In summary, you should look to budget between $75 and $300 per person per day for travel in the USA. This amount will vary depending on your travel style, where in the US you travel, and which sights you want to see.

Is it possible to visit all 50 states?

While most people don’t try to tackle every state on their honeymoon, many Americans want to visit every state and typically take decades to complete the task. With remote work options and full-time travel possible, it’s easier and more financially possible to visit all fifty states on one epic road trip.

How long does it take to travel all of the US?

It takes about 45 hours, or six 8-hour days, to drive coast-to-coast. You will need to decide if you want to take one of four coast-to-coast interstates or traverse the country as the old-timers did on U.S. highways. If you have about three months to travel, you can even see all 48 continental states.

How long does it take to travel through all 48 states?

Assuming no traffic, this road trip will take about 224 hours (9.33 days) of driving in total, so it’s truly an epic undertaking that will take at least 2-3 months to complete. The best part is that this road trip is designed so that you can start anywhere on the route as long as you follow it from then on.

Who has visited all 50 states?

After more than 7,200 miles, 120 hours in the car and spending $12,000 on food, gas and airfare, Austinite Peter McConville now holds the world record for fastest visit to all 50 states.

How to visit all 50 states, I’m not really a bucket list traveler. I don’t have rules on what counts as a state visit, but my goal isn’t just to cross states off my list. It’s to actually spend time in each state (in multiple places especially if it’s a large state) and really get a feel for what that state is all about. 

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