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How Early To Get To Dca

A three-hour window is a general rule of thumb for international flights. It is meant to compensate for checking-in, checking baggage, and navigating security, as well as passing through customs. Reagan is not an international airport but it still has custom services. So allowing three-hours to navigate customs is wise as one never knows what to expect. How early to get to dca.

How long are security lines at DCA?

Current TSA Wait Time 2 minutes
1 pm – 2 pm 7.5 minutes
2 pm – 3 pm 12.8 minutes
3 pm – 4 pm 12.4 minutes
4 pm – 5 pm 10.7 minutes

What time do the gates open at DCA?

Security and Customs at DCA The gates A1-A9 checkpoint opens at 4:30 a.m. and the gates B10-E59 checkpoints open at 4 a.m. All close at the last scheduled departure.

Is landing at DCA hard?

Why it’s more complicated than landing at most airports. Illustration by Chris Philpot. Landing a plane at Reagan National Airport—a.k.a. DCA—is more complicated than at most other airports because of restricted airspace, noise regulations, and the fact that there’s just one runway long enough for large aircraft.

How early should I arrive at Reagan National airport?

In general, arrive at the airport 1 ½ hours prior to flight time. photo identification and an airline boarding pass. Children must have an airline boarding pass.

Is DCA airport easy to navigate?

Getting there can be confusing to someone who has never traveled out of DCA before, but the signage is clear. Fortunately, the terminals are easy to navigate and quick access to the airport map is also helpful.

How early to get to dca, Baggage should be checked two hours prior to domestic flights and three hours prior to international flights. Mostly, this is because airlines do not accept baggage any earlier. The latest a passenger can check their baggage is 45 minutes before their scheduled flight. Any time in between is perfectly fine.

As Reagan is not an international airway, most passengers will be dealing with domestic travel. If you happen to be catching a flight during a peak period you may want to allow more time for lengthy lines. It is recommended you check in online if your airline provides this service.

By doing this, you reduce the amount of time it will take to check your bags.

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