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How Much Are Boston Celtics Season Tickets

Depends, how good seats do you want? Expect to pay around $10,000 for good seats (though not courtside or anything). You could probably get nosebleed seats for closer to $2,000. In the past, they’ve had smaller partial season packages for less. A lot of people also divide up season tickets with a couple friends.

By placing a deposit, you confirm that you have read these Boston Celtics Wait List How much are boston celtics season tickets.

How much does it cost to get NBA season tickets?

However, the season pass tickets range from $30 per game for upper-level seats to over $2,000 for courtside seats. As a result, season tickets range from around $1,200 to almost $90,000. Most NBA teams also require people who purchase season tickets to make a deposit in order to secure the tickets.

How much are Celtics tickets regular season?

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020-21 TD Garden $193
2019-20 TD Garden $109
2018-19 TD Garden $115
2017-18 TD Garden $107

How big is the Celtic season ticket waiting list?

Humbled Celtic have revealed the club now has an astonishing 17 THOUSAND fans on their season ticket waiting list. Neil Lennon’s side face an historic season as they attempt to secure their tenth Scottish Premiership [The Scottish Premiership, known as the cinch Premiership for sponsorship reasons, is the top division of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL), the league competition for men’s professional football clubs in Scotland] title on the spin – an achievement unmatched in the annals of Scottish football history.

Why are Celtics tickets so expensive?

The Boston Celtics are a contending team in a city with a high cost of living, so it is no surprise tickets to see the team play are among the most costly in the league.

How do NBA season tickets work?

Here’s how it works. When you buy NBA season tickets you pay a set price per seat, which averages out equally over the course of the home games of the season. For example, if you buy a package for seats that are $800, over 44 games (our number of home games, including preseason) you’re paying $18.18 per seat, per game.

How expensive are NBA All Star tickets?

Tickets for the popular event can range anywhere from $400 per ticket for fans that just want to get into the arena to $27,000 for fans who want VIP or meet-and-greet passes, according to Ticketmaster. Some of the other events throughout the weekend will be cheaper.

How much are Warriors Courtside season tickets?

Membership Location 2022-23 STM Price Per Game 2022-23 Season Ticket Cost
Courtside Club $965 $42,460
Courtside Club $715 $31,460
Sideline Club
Sideline Club $625 $27,500

How much are regular season NBA tickets?

The price of basketball tickets will vary based on the home and away teams in the game. The NBA team with the most expensive season ticket cost during the 2021-2022 regular season was the Golden State Warriors. The average ticket cost was $589, which is a 29% increase from the 2019-2020 regular season.

How much are boston celtics season tickets, Member Terms and Conditions (this “Agreement”), that you understand this Agreement, list (the “Celtics Wait List”) to give fans who are members of the Celtics Wait List the opportunity to be the first in line to purchase Celtics season tickets as they become available. This Agreement describes your rights and obligations as a member

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