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How Much To Add Extra Baggage On Emirates

If you’re on a flight using the Emirates weight model baggage allowance, you can buy additional kilos, in five-kilo blocks, up to a maximum of 25. Purchasing the extra baggage space online — up to four hours before departure — will save you money; the first 5 kg add-on pack is 50 percent cheaper online than the check-in-desk price, and 20 percent less for each subsequent add-on weight pack.

Here’s a table of Emirates additional baggage fees based on the route. Note that the airline uses the United States dollar as its standard legal tender. If you’re paying in another currency, the transaction day exchange rate applies. How much to add extra baggage on emirates.

How much does 1 extra baggage cost?

Baggage category Fee Max Weight
First checked bag $30 50lbs
Second checked bag $45 50lbs
Third checked bag $150+ 50lbs
Fourth(+) checked bag $200+ 50lbs

How much does it cost to check an extra bag on Emirates?

Emirates’ full excess baggage fee, under its per-piece model, is $200 per bag. The online price is 50 percent off the first piece of extra luggage and 20 percent off the other two, but only for those in the Economy class.

How much is extra weight per kg on Emirates?

Can you buy extra baggage with Emirates? Flying Emirates to/from the Americas and from Africa, you can purchase additional baggage for $100 to $250 per piece. For flights outside of the Americas, extra baggage is charged per kilogram and ranges from $15 to $50 depending on the route.

What if my luggage is 1 kg overweight?

Additional pieces of Baggage will be subject to additional charges of INR 1000 per piece and additional charge of INR 550 per kg would be levied in case the weight exceeds 15 kgs.

What happens if your luggage is over 23kg?

If you have a checked bag that is heavier than your 23 kg ticket allowance and under our 32 kg maximum permitted weight, you will have to pay a charge at the airport known as a “Heavy Bag Charge”.

Is it cheaper to buy extra baggage online?

If you’re concerned that your baggage might exceed the allowed limit, pay for additional luggage weight online in advance of your trip. Sure, it’s an extra cost, but it’s always much cheaper to pay for it online than at the airport. This will help you to sail through check-in and avoid the stress.

How much to add extra baggage on emirates, So let’s say you have a business-class ticket from London to Madrid and have 65-kg-worth of luggage. The first 40 kg is included in the price of your fare. The next 5 kg would cost $7.50 if you bought it online, or $15 at the airport.

The additional four 5-kg packs needed to reach 65 would cost $12 each if purchased ahead of time and $15 each at the check-in desk. Ultimately, your additional baggage fees (for flights using the weight model) would be $55.50 if purchased at least 4 hours before the flight and $75 if bought at the airport. 

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