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How Old To Rent A Car In Georgia

The total cost of under 25 car rental in Atlanta Airport Hartsfield, Georgia consists of two components: car rental under 25 no fee price you see on our website and the underage surcharge you pay at the counter. The rate of an under 25 rental car in Atlanta Hartsfield, GA ranges from $10 to $125 per day.

It mainly depends on the company, car category, and current demand. Add to that the young driver’s fee, which varies from $15 to $35 per day, and you will have a How old to rent a car in georgia.

How old do you have to be to rent car in Atlanta?

ANSWER: You must be at least 21 years of age to rent, but the following provisions apply for customers between the ages of 21-24: Renters 21-24 must present a valid, acceptable credit card (bank-issued check/debit cards are not permitted) and a valid driver’s license, both in the renter’s name.

What is required for car rental in Georgia?

All you need is a valid driver’s license, a valid passport, and a valid credit card. Some car rental companies require each driver to have standard insurance and standard roadside assistance to help you enjoy your ride. On the other hand, it’s prohibited to use your mobile phone when driving in Georgia.

Why is 25 the age to rent a car?

Insurance rates are generally much higher for younger drivers, which is the primary driver of rental age restrictions. Younger drivers are less experienced and more likely to take risks than older drivers, which leads to higher insurance rates. For decades, insurance companies have drawn an invisible line at age 25.

What is the youngest age to rent a car?

The minimum age to rent a vehicle at most locations in the U.S. and Canada is 20 years old. In Michigan, New York and the province of Quebec, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 19.

Can I rent a car at 18 in GA?

What is the Minimum Age to Rent a Car in Georgia? All drivers must be 21 or older to rent a car in Georgia. The maximum driver’s age is 79.

Can I rent a car at 20 in Atlanta?

The minimum age to rent a vehicle at most locations in the U.S. and Canada is 20 years old.

Where can I rent a car at 19 in Atlanta?

  1. All “Under 21 Car Rentals” results in Atlanta, Georgia. Showing 1-20 of 20
  2. National Car Rental. 9.1 mi. 338 reviews.
  3. Sixt Rent A Car. 9.1 Mi.
  4. E Z Rent A Car. 9.1 mi.
  5. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. 9.2 mi.
  6. Hertz Rent A Car. 8.7 mi.
  7. Thrifty Car Rental. 9.2 mi.
  8. Dollar Car Rental. 9.2 mi

How old to rent a car in georgia, total price of under 25 car rental. If you want to enjoy cheap rental cars for under 25 years old in Atlanta Hartsfield, Georgia, book your car in advance. There are under 25 providers that are located in ATL Airport, USA and off-airport companies, which offer

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