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How To Use Hotwire Credit

Please click here to find the additional terms and conditions that specifically apply to: Airline Travel, Hotel Reservation, Car Rental Services, Vacation Packages, HotDollars, and Warsaw Convention as indicated. Transportation, lodging and all other services are sold to you by the supplier via Hotwire on a nonrefundable basis.

If you cancel any service for any reason, sums paid by you for Hotwire’s service will not be refunded. How to use hotwire credit.

How do I check my Hotwire credit?

You may view your HotDollars balance at any time in the My Account section of Hotwire.

Does Hotwire refund money?

For all Hotwire Hot Rates, bookings are final and cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged, transferred, or changed, even for a fee. Hotel suppliers are able to offer their unsold rooms at discounted rates on Hotwire because we withhold their name until after the customer books and our reservations are non-refundable.

Can you use points on Hotwire?

Because of the low rates our hotel partners offer you, club rewards or points of any sort cannot be earned or redeemed on Hotwire [Hotwire is a leading discount travel site that offers ridiculously low prices. How do we do it? We have special relationships with major travel providers to help them fill airline seats, hotel rooms, and rental cars that would otherwise go unsold, so our customers get them at prices lower than many other travel sites].

How do I pay Hotwire?

  1. Credit/Debit cards
  2. PayPal
  3. Bill Me LaterĀ®
  4. Hotdollars
  5. International Currencies

How do I check in with Hotwire?

For the smoothest check in, bring your ID and your confirmation email we sent you after you booked your plans. You can check in and get your boarding pass at the airline ticket counter. Curbside check-in and check-in kiosks also may be available.

How do I get a refund from Hotwire hot deal?

You may also submit a claim by calling 1-866-HOTWIRE (1-866-468-9473) and speaking with a Customer Care representative. If you submit a request for a Low-Price Guarantee refund, you will be informed within three business days of the validity of your request.

Do I get a refund if I cancel hotel?

It can be difficult to get the hotel to waive the cancellation fee, but if you are polite or have a valid reason, you may be able to do so. Call the hotel where the original reservation was made. Request a refund or waiver. Explain the reason for the cancellation to the hotel’s manager.

Can you cancel Hotwire within 24 hours?

However, if an airline cancellation or schedule change prevents you from picking up your car within 24 hours of your scheduled pick-up time, you will be able to cancel your reservation upon Hotwire’s verification of the changes.

Can you trust Hotwire?

Hotwire, Orbitz and Priceline [ is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States and is wholly owned by Booking Holdings, which also owns, and other sites] are all safe to use. Remember that when you use one of the sites for travel, they are used like a travel agent. I booked rooms in vegas on orbitz, my friend was miffed that he did not get a final bill on checkout. Hotel said that the e-mailed orbitz receipt was the final bill, which I had.

How to use hotwire credit, If transportation or other services are cancelled by a participating airline, all sums paid to such airline for services not performed will be refunded to the User by Hotwire within 30 days of receipt of the funds from the airline; or if the funds were not sent to the airline, the funds shall be refunded within 14 days after cancellation to the User (unless the User requests the airline or Hotwire apply the money to another travel product and/or date).

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