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How Warm Is Barcelona In December

On this page you will find our day by day weather log that will give you an accurate idea of the typical weather conditions in Barcelona during the month of December. Each day for an entire year I recorded the exact daily weather conditions including temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade, along with if it was dry, rainy or overcast.

By the time you have looked through the table you will know what weather to expect in December and what type of clothes to bring on your holiday. How warm is barcelona in december.

Is it cold in Barcelona in December?

December is one of the coldest months of the year in Barcelona. Average daily temperatures of 11°C and highs of 14°C. The lows reach 5°C at night. Remember to pack some warm clothing.

Is Barcelona sunny in December?

Barcelona in December is generally sunny with about 18-19 days with either clear or at least partly sunny skies. Rain occurs on about 5-6 days this month but amounts tend to be light. Snow normally does not fall in Barcelona, however, it can occur on rare occasions in the inland hilly areas around the city.

Is it worth to visit Barcelona in December?

December might be outside of the traditional tourist season, but it is a great time to explore Barcelona. The milder Barcelona weather means you won’t see much rain, and daytime temperatures are around 15 degrees so it’s far easier to walk around and enjoy this fascinating city.

Is it warm in Barcelona in December?

December is one of the coldest months of the year in Barcelona with average daily temperatures of 11°C and highs of 14°C. The lows reach 5°C at night so you will need to bring some warm clothing. Barcelona in December has on average four hours of sunshine a day.

What’s Barcelona like in December?

Barcelona in December is cold as it is a winter month. Expect temperatures averaging between 13ºC and 5º. The sea is cool in December and might be difficult to swim in because of the temperature. Though it is winter in December, the days are sunny and pleasant.

Is Barcelona busy in December?

The only days of December that can be considered low season are only the first week days of the months. But from the first weekend of December on, there’ll be crowds. On the days around December 6 and 8, crowds of Spaniards.

How warm is barcelona in december, To see my weather log for other months in Barcelona or to see the current weather conditions please refer to our “Related Pages” section at the foot of this page where you will find links to these pages. You can see from this weather log that Barcelona will have clear skies in December.

A little chilly most of the time since it’s winter but it never gets really cold here and it’s still a good time to go out and just walk around. Just make sure to bring warm clothes and a light waterproof jacket and umbrella for the odd shower.

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